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Project Description
This project makes it easier to work with transparent images on the .Net Compact Framework

With the current releases of the .Net Compact Framework it is not possible to work with transparent images on mobile devices.
This project should change that fact.

Devices, which are powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 or above, you could use the AlphaBlend-API from Windows Mobile. You can also use the .Net Compact Framework on devices which are powered by Windows Ce as well. But there is the AlphaBlend-API not a default. It can be that it is present...

The way, which this projects goes is a little bit different.

At first, you have to create your images on the desktop, with Paint.Net or The Gimp.

Than, you must convert your images from the Png-format to 'my' Pngx-format with DesktopApplication from this project.

With File/Converter you can start the converter.

In the converter, you have to add your Png-files which you want to convert to the Pngx-format. You can add a description toeach file, you can compress fileor give them another filename. You also need to specify a path, where the converted files can be stored.

After the conversion, you can open the new Pngx-file in the DesktopApplication to check the results.

At next, you must copy the Pngx-files to the mobile device where you want to use it.

On the mobile device, you can open the Pngx-files the PngX-Viewer from this project.

Additional to this project page, I will describe this project on my blog.

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